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  Do you hear knocking from your pipes when you turn on the shower   or run the sink? No, it’s not a troll living in your pipes, but it could be     a pressure issue or loose support straps. High water pressure can       cause pipes to jerk in place and knock into each other. This can           lead to leaks and bends within the system. If you have knocking

  in your pipes, make sure to call a plumber.


If the water coming out of your taps is foul smelling or discolored, it could point to a problem in your pipes. Your plumbing could be rusty or have air, sulfur, or iron built up within the system. If you have brown, yellow or red water coming from your taps, it could mean your pipes have rusted. If you have green or blue water it is most likely from copper pipes oxidizing. Call a plumber for professional maintenance.


If you turn on your tap and the water doesn’t flow out as strong as it used to, you could have low water pressure. Low water pressure can be caused by a clogged showerhead or by something worse like a leaking water heater, burst pipe, or blocked pipe. If you are noticing a house-wide drop in water pressure it is a good idea to call a plumber for maintenance and repairs.


Usually a slow draining tub or sink just means a simple clog that can be removed with a pipe snake or vinegar and baking soda wash. However, if a clog can’t be removed, it could point to a deeper problem within your plumbing system. Slow draining pipes could point to a broken pipe or pooled water within the home. If you suspect that you have pooled water within your home, call a plumber immediately.


That “drip, drip” noise is always frustrating, but it could spell deeper problems for your plumbing system. Continual dripping may mean that your water pressure in your pipes is too high, or that the valve that controls your faucet has broken. This constant dripping can ruin your bathroom fixtures by wearing them down. If you have a dripping issue, make sure to call a plumber to fix the problem. 


Are you using the same amount of water but your water bills are skyrocketing? This could be a sign of a leak within your plumbing system. Call a plumber to go through your plumbing and see if your pipes are hemorrhaging water and money from your bank account. 


Is there a strange patch of ground in your yard that has extra green grass? Is there an odd smell that accompanies that green grass? This could be a sign that you have a leak in your sewer line that is releasing nutrients into your yard. Call a professional plumber to get this repaired.


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